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  • HP EX900 Pro 256GB NVMe Internal PC SSD
    • PCIe Super Master Controller with 4 Flash Memory Channels – HP EX900 Pro M.2 is equipped with a PCIe controller chip with 4 flash memory channels, utilizing PCIe Gen3 x4 interface (theoretical bandwidth of 32Gbps) and the new NVMe 1.3 protocol, supports NANDXtend error correction code (ECC) technology, SRAM ECC and end-to-end data path protection technology, and gives full play to the potential performance of gaming laptops and high-end desktops.
    • Utilizing 3D Flash Memory Modules – HP EX900 Pro M.2 is entirely made of new process 3D NAND flash memory modules. Compared with 2D NAND flash memory particles, HP Ex 900 Pro M.2 has a denser storage architecture, a more reliable vertical stacking method, and brings higher performance. It can provide up to 1TB capacity and easily store a large number of media files and games.
    • Universal Compatibility – Before leaving the factory, HP EX900 Pro M.2 has passed rigorous performance tests, compatibility tests, reliability tests, application tests, etc., and is compatible with gaming laptops and high-end desktop computers. It supports performance upgrading to improve the overall operation efficiency.
    • Independent Cache – HP EX900 Pro M.2 has its own independent cache so that small files can be temporarily stored in the cache, which can effectively reduce continuous writing, thus prolong the service life of SSD.

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