Shipping and delivery policy

What is the possible duration of order delivery?

After making the order, you will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm and review your order. When the order is confirmed, it will be shipped and received within a period of 3 to 5 working days.

Is there shipping to the provinces?

There is shipping to all governorates of Egypt, except for some areas in Sinai. Shipping is usually done with Bosta Plus Shipping Company Delivery at the door of the house in good condition in the area covered by the shipping company.

How much is the cost of shipping to the provinces?

Shipping rates are variable from one company to another, and the shipping cost on our website is calculated at the prices of a bosta company. The cost of one package is 60 pounds to all parts of the Republic, in addition to 15 pounds return fees for every 1000 pounds of the value of the order.
An example to illustrate
If your purchases are worth 1000 EGP, the shipping cost will be 75 EGP to anywhere in Egypt.
. Secondly, the Middle East Company, and the shipping cost is calculated according to the weight of the parcel and the governorate. For example, the governorates of Lower Egypt and the Delta 105 for the first kilogram of weight and 15 pounds for each additional kilogram of weight, and the governorates of Upper Egypt 118 pounds for the first kilogram of weight and 16 pounds for each additional kilogram. For inquiries in the form Detailed shipping cost Please try to find out the approximate weight of the total shipment from the shipping official in our company and contact the shipping company numbers to confirm the approximate cost of shipping.

Is there a payment service upon receipt?

Indeed, there is a payment service upon receipt, but in some cases of the collected devices, a deposit is paid from the value of the collection on Vodafone Cash [01006624713-01002249779 Vodafone Cash number] or a bank deposit in the official account of Al-Nour Tech

What if there is an error in the components of the shipment or any defect in any product?

We adopt a policy of full responsibility for the shipment. In the event that God forbids the occurrence of fractional damage or loss of the shipment, the product will be replaced immediately at no cost to the customer only. When you receive the shipment, take a video of opening the shipment box and the internal parts.